Indoor Air Quality Service

Indoor Air Quality

The Best Indoor Air Quality Service in Ottawa

Did you know that the air in most homes is more polluted than what’s outside? Since our lives are spent mainly indoors, it’s important that we pay attention to the HVAC system and the quality of air it’s supplying.

At Clement Chauffage, we provide options to help you improve the indoor air quality of your home or business, such as humidification systems, ventilation, air cleaners and purifiers, and filtration.

With better indoor air quality comes great benefits:

  • Decrease in symptoms caused by allergens
  • Less dust in rooms
  • Increased energy and productivity
  • Reduced utility costs
  • Reduced or increased humidity (depending on your needs)

Our Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) service takes an in-depth look at your HVAC system to diagnose any potential problems. Once our technician has solved any issues, you’ll notice cleaner, fresher air almost immediately!

HVAC and Air Quality

HVAC systems work double duty to make sure the temperature of your home or business is comfortable while ensuring air quality is also high. All systems have the potential to spread dirt and dust, especially when maintenance has been neglected or the filter hasn’t been cleaned. When that happens, you might notice your allergies bothering you more or that the utility bill has gone up.

Are You or Your Family Suffering From Illness or Allergies?

Here is something you probably never considered: that tighter insulation leads to reduced air quality in our homes. Throughout the years, homes and commercial offices have become much more efficient at insulating the interior. Yet, this also causes a problem—less air circulation. With that, you get more allergens remaining indoors, along with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from cleaners. Viruses and bacteria also become more prevalent, especially in the winter.

Indoor Air Systems

Our Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Fortunately, you can improve indoor air quality easily. Aside from dusting and cleaning routinely and maintaining the HVAC system, you can request any of the following services:

  • Ventilation improvements and installation
  • Air filtration systems
  • Air cleaners
  • Air purifiers
  • Air irradiation
  • Ionization devices
  • Humidifiers and dehumidifiers

You also have to deal with clogged air filters. Overtime, the filtration system captures all kinds of dangerous contaminants in the air. When the filter is covered in grime, the HVAC system must work twice as hard, and still pollutants will get through. Swapping out old filters alone can do wonders for indoor air quality. In fact, a clean air filter can catch pet dander, pollen, bacteria, mold spores, and more!

If you have noticed that your allergies have gotten significantly worse or that symptoms of a respiratory condition are worsening, it may be due to an inefficient HVAC system. Replacing the filters and installing purifiers can diminish the contaminants in the air.

Clean Air

Stay Safe and Comfortable with Our Indoor Air Quality Service

Whether you want to cut back on the dust or shield your home from germs, bacteria and allergens, Clement Chauffage has a full range of solutions to support a healthier environment. Our HVAC technicians can recommend solutions, repair equipment, and even install technologies to improve indoor air quality.

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