What We Do at Clement Chauffage Inc.

As one of the best HVAC contractors in the Prescott-Russell region, we are proud of our knowledge and experience that we have gathered throughout the years. We also believe in educating our customers. Many people assume that HVAC technicians work only on air conditioners and heaters. However, we can do so much more than that! As such, our services are extremely valuable to both home and business owners.

The basic duties of an HVAC contractor revolve around maintaining, installing, and repairing the heating, air, and cooling systems of a property. Within those areas, a technician can do a multitude of minor and major tasks. Depending on the company you use, the HVAC technicians may focus solely on one component of the industry.

At Clement Chauffage Inc., we do it all! Our services cover a large number of common issues customers have with their HVAC systems, including:


  • Troubleshooting and repairing malfunctions
  • Completing installation in adherence to local or municipal regulations and codes
  • Planning and conducting the installation of electrical wiring
  • Assisting with the purchase of new HVAC equipment
  • Assembling, positioning, and balancing HVAC systems
  • Cutting and drilling to install HVAC equipment
  • Attaching, mounting, cutting, and cleaning ductwork


HVAC technicians will install all kinds of units—heating, air conditioning, ducts, and involved wiring. Once the unit has been installed, the technician will test the HVAC systems connections and piping and will also ensure the distribution systems are operating properly.


Any problems with the HVAC system can be diagnosed and then repaired once a certified and professional technician is on the job. At Clement Chauffage Inc., our team members are trained to work with air handling systems, compressors, thermostats, furnaces, and also refrigerant levels.


You want an efficient and soundless unit that cools or heats your home fast. With regular maintenance and twice yearly inspections, you can keep your HVAC system in excellent condition for many years. Technicians from Clement Chauffage are thorough and will run diagnostic tests, clean the blower fan, check filters and the coolant level, and also check the thermostat and overall operation of your heating and cooling system.

From air purification to heating and cooling repairs, installation, and maintenance, Clement Chauffage Inc. does it all! Fill out our form and tell us how we can help. We’ll get a technician to your home or business as soon as possible.